The search for useful tips on playing roulette is often not the right strategy to go as you can easily come across false news or even a scum. 

For example, some sites give out recommendations such as "put on red or black, there's a chance to win more", but it's not. Red and black do not have any advantages to each other or to a bet in a specific number.  Moreover, when clicking on a link, you come across a completely different, much less useful information. Therefore, we decided to formulate really useful and honest advice on roulette, which could come in handy. 

Tip 1. There are no methods that can increase the chances of a roulette player 

It sounds, perhaps, disappointing, but before you close the page and go in search of a magic pill, we recommend still a little reading. The Advantage of the casino in European roulette is 2.7%, in American 5.26%.

When people seek advice, they need a way to increase the probability of winning. That's why different sites and lure them with false advertising, promising quick money. In fact, such advice is not and can not be. The probability of winning is unchanged. All you can do is get acquainted with different strategies and hope that luck will be on your side. So, the first tip is to spend time on deceptive advice, supposedly able to teach to constantly win, because it's just beyond the bounds of the possible. 

Tip 2. Only play online casino with a good reputation 

There is no point in risking money if the online casino delays with the payment of winnings. Where better to go to play a serious institution with a recognizable brand like those at, where they pay winnings 24 hours a day and do not ask any silly questions. There you can focus on the game and think only about it, not about whether your winnings will pay you or not. 

Tip 3. French> European> American 

There are many variations of the roulette, however, the best chances for the player from the French version of the game, in which one is zero, as well as the European version, but when it falls out, the loser gets back half of the bet made without losing it completely. In American roulette, there is a double zero, because of what the advantage of the casino is 5.26%. In the American roulette, it is possible to play only without having a choice, for example, being in a real casino, where there is only one kind of game and you have no possibility to choose from the big variety. French roulette can be easily found in any institution online. 

Tip 4. First, we learn then we fly 

Roulette is not a difficult game, but you do not have to throw yourself into a whirlpool with your head and immediately put money, especially if you plan to play games in real casinos. Take the time to learn, master the game system and winnings on free roulettes we have such free games on our website. 

Tip 5. Avoid systems that promise rapid enrichment 

There are literally hundreds of roulette game systems and hundreds of programs (mostly for online players) that promise quick and guaranteed winnings. We often saw similar statements: From a former casino programmer, 9,400,000 is already earned by our users A program that will make you rich Uses gaps in casino software All these loud words are an empty sound. These programs for roulette and do not closely fulfil what their creators promise. If you want to know better why such systems simply do not work, we recommend you read the relevant articles in our section of reviews of roulette game systems. 

Tip 6. Decide on the strategy and budget 

Before the start of the game, it will be superfluous to think about its course, as well as determine the rates and the amount you are willing to take. It is not necessary to use someone's advice in this matter, you can decide everything yourself and come to your tactics for example, put on important numbers for you (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). Have any plan in the head better than playing at random. Make sure that you fit into your budget, especially if the game you play implies implementation of a progressive system and bet order. The ideal solution is to outline the progression stage, after which you leave the game. The same thing you need to think over and to win, in time to pick it up and leave the game. 

Tip 7. Intersecting rates do not increase the chances of winning 

Some players make intersecting bets in the hope of winning more if the desired number falls, but this method does not increase the chances of winning. On the contrary, you, rather, will lose more in the long run. A classic example is a bet on the street (3 numbers 1,2,3 or 4,5,6), and then the bet is also on a separate number, one of those entering the street. And here's why it does not work: If you bet 1 ruble on number 1 and rotate the wheel 37 times, be prepared to lose 1 ruble in 36 losing rotations. And only one winning rotation brings a gain by a factor of 35.